• Warren Thompson

RUMOR: Spider-Man No Way Home New Suit and Scene Details

Spider-Man No Way Home could possibly have more hype than Avengers Endgame had, and I stress possibly. Undoubtedly though, Spider-Man No Way Home will be one of the biggest movies of all time thanks to all the hype around it right now.

Today I have learned, from several personal sources, details of a scene in Spider-Man No Way Home that lead to Peter Parker getting his "new" Spider-Man suit.

This mugging scene has been briefly talked about before in pieces, by twitter user @taranstingvfx , who I spoke with before posting this. And today, my source confirmed what Taran said and gave me more details about the scene, specifically about Spider-Man's new suit.

The scene involves Spider-Man and a mugger/bank robber, played by Tom Holland's brother, Harry Holland. Tom Holland confirmed that his brother would be in the movie playing a bank robber and here's what I heard about this particular scene. Harry Holland's character attempts to rob a bank or mug someone, in which he's stopped by Spider-Man. Spider-Man webs him up and Harry Holland's character hangs upside down over the sidewalk from a web. This takes place after Peter has been outed as Spider-Man by Mysterio, which happened in the post credits of Spider-Man Far From Home and there's a big divide on people believing him or Mysterio.

As Spider-Man has Harry Holland's character webbed up, a Mysterio supporter runs up to him and throws a bucket of green paint on his Spider-Man suit. This is the same black and red suit that we saw in Far From Home. The paint stains his suit permanently. This causes Peter to turn his Spider-Man suit inside out, which in turn, gives us his "new" gold and black suit that we've seen promo pictures of and slightly have seen in the first trailer.

If you compare the black and red suit to the black and gold one, you can actually tell that they are indeed the same suit. The pattern is almost exactly the same, only the colors and a few markings are different. And the markings could have simply just been a pattern on the inside or perhaps some slight upgrades do happen at one point.

This is also further confirmed by a Halloween costume for Spider-Man No Way Home. The picture shows us the black and gold suit but on the packaging it says "Reversible costume" and shows a picture of the red and black suit. Another photo of the packaging has a description that says "Reversible! As seen in the movie!". Giving us all the proof we need that the black and gold suit is indeed the red and black suit turned inside out.

This scene was also supposed to be in the original trailer but ultimately didn't make the final cut. Perhaps it will be in the second and main Spider-Man No Way Home trailer.

It's funny to think that this great looking suit that fans have been raving about comes not by upgrade or choice, but by Peter Parker getting paint on his black and red suit.

Spider-Man No Way Home hits theaters on December 15, 2021.